Next Generation Laser Tag
Coming Fall 2015


Founded in 2012, our mission at Battlegrounds is to build an advanced technology laser tag facility that creates a live gaming experience inspired by our love of video games.

We share a love of video games as well as combat sports - Halo and Mass Effect to paintball and airsoft. We’ve seen video games evolve considerably over the last 15 years, but objective-based combat sports have not.

Laser tag and paintball do not offer the kind of rich, interactive experience that people have come to expect from video games. Messy paint and black light arenas were fine 20 years ago, but they haven’t kept up with advancements in gaming and technology. Time to change that.

We have set out to make Battlegrounds a tightly integrated combination of:

  • Advanced player hardware
  • A networked, interactive playing field
  • A highly detailed and customizable player experience
  • A social centre, where players can connect, compete and build a community

Through team-based competitive play, individual stat tracking, responsive field objectives, and force-feedback player hardware, we are creating a brand-new live gaming experience previewing in September 2014 and launching 2015.


Miles Bossons
Founder & CEO

Favourite game:
Battlefield 4

Harley Balabanian
B.Sc.E., B.A. CS
Systems Engineer

Favourite game:
Super Metroid

Andrew Murray
Software Designer

Favourite game:
Dwarf Fortress

Katie McGuire
Project Coordinator

Favourite game:

Tom Zabev
Systems Engineer

Favourite game:
Half Life 2

Pat Quinn
Events Coordinator

Favourite game:
Super Smash Bros. Melee

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